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Wise Wild Sacred Women Membership Virtual Yoga Studio

Our Wise, Wild & Sacred Women's group is dedicated to cultivate true Sisterhood and to unleash the Wise, Wild & Sacred Authentic Woman in all of us.

We are living in a time where all doors stand fully open and infinite tools are available that will help and guide you to step into your Sacred Feminine Power. We fully believe that this is a profound moment in time for you to fully Embody your deeply rooted Authentic Wild Nature. To live passionately, fearless and to shine bright while living from the heart.

Our tribe gathers Women holding space for each other. Together we rise and grow.


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Virtual Yoga Studio

Our virtual studio is for all levels of practice! You will have unlimited access to yoga classes with multiple instructors offering different styles of yoga! ...NEW Content Every Month

Unlimited access to meditation & yoga videos.

" I love Creekside. Creekside is such a welcoming warm place. Christy is lovely, I love that there are beginner yoga classes for someone like me who has never done yoga before. Christy does a great job of reaching out to women in the community to help them love and feel good about themselves."


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